Access Statement

Red Bank Access Statement 



We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors in our home based 3 bed-roomed bed and breakfast. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call us and we will endeavour to help.


•There is a bus stop approx. 5 mins walk away and there is a frequent bus service

•The main train station is at Windermere 20 minutes away by car. 

•There is a local taxi service that has accessible taxis and if required, we can make a booking for you.

•We have an extensive website with virtual tours of all the rooms

•You can contact us via phone or email (details below)


Arrival & Car Parking Facilities
•On arrival to the property there is a large open drive way

•There are 3 marked parking bays and ample turning space

•The surface is level, flat with tarmac surface

•We can assist guests with luggage

•The village is a few minutes walk from the Bed and Breakfast


Main Entrance & Reception
•The front door has one small step 5cm high.

•The front door is always locked but there is a bell.

•The door is 76cm wide

•On entry into our home there is a hallway 2.25 metres wide, then turn left into a long hallway 1.55 metres wide and 5.5 metres long.

•There is a small step 11cm high and you enter the guest seating 


•There are 2 settees, seat height 43cm.

•There is carpet flooring throughout the ground floor.


Public Areas.


 All areas accessible to guests are well decorated and well lit.


•Breakfast is served in the breakfast room on the ground floor. There      are no steps.

•Furniture is movable and can be moved on request.

•Tables have an under space of 61cm high by 50cm wide and table height of 73cm (legs on each corner).  The chairs are without arms which can be moved to accommodate guests.


• Not available


• Not available


Leisure Facilities
•Complementary off-site leisure facilities are available for use, including gym, swimming pool and sauna.


Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment
•Not available


•There are 3 en-suite bedrooms all on the first floor.

•There are 7 stairs to a small square landing followed by a further 5 stairs to another square landing followed by another 5 stairs to the first floor.

•The stairs are 16cm high, 28cm deep and 97cm wide


Bedroom 1 (Gold Room)


•Door width is 89cm

•Can either be a super-king bedded room or a twin-bedded room

When super king, there is 93 cm to wall from bed side and 65cm   from bed side to window. When twin, there is 83 cm from wall to bed side and 55cm from bed side to window. There is 55 cm between the beds.

•There is an area 1.70metres by 3.45 metres at the end of the beds.  

•Dressing table is set back in a recess.

•Furniture is moveable on request.

•Beds are 56cm high.

•Wall mounted LCD television with remote control.

•One armchair (low arms) and one stool are provided in the room

  Fitted short pile carpet on floor


En–suite Shower Room


•The en suite-shower room has a door 66cm wide.

• Floor space with door closed is 1.27metres by 2.36 metres. There is a walk in shower cubicle with a step 16cm high.

• Rounded front pedestal hand basin 82cm high.

• Toilet 42 cm high.

• Fully tiled floor.


Bedroom 2 (Blue Room)


•Door width 86cm.

•Double bed 62 cm high with brass bed stead

•There is approximately 1.60 metres between the wall and each side of the bed. (At one corner of bed, space is 57 cm from corner to wardrobe)

•There is approx. 1.6 metres by 3.6 metres free space at the end of the bed with a dressing table 73cm high, 44cm deep and 89 cm wide. There is an ensuite bath room (see below for details)

•Bed is 62cm high.

•Wall mounted LCD television with remote control.

•Fitted short pile carpet on the floor.

•Good contrast in décor.


 En-suite Bathroom, (with cubicle shower)


•Door width 70cm, inward opening.

•Free floor space clear of door is 1.6metres x 3.5metres.

•The shower cubicle has a step/edge of 21cm high.

•The bath edge is 56cm high.

•The bath includes grab-handles for additional support.

•The pedestal basin has a rounded front and is 77 cm high.

•The toilet is 42cm high.

•Fully tiled floor.

•Good colour contrast in décor.


Bedroom 3 (Green Room)


•The door is 86 cm wide.

•Double bed 63 cm high.

•Distance from bed to wall 51 cm.

•Distance from bed to dressing table 61 cm.

•Free space at bottom of bed 1.2 metres by 2.93metres.

•Wall mounted LCD television with remote control.

•Short pile carpet on the floor


En-suite Shower Room


•Door width 74 cm.

•Space with door closed 1.98 metres by 1.73 metres.

•Step into cubicle shower 27cm high.

•Pedestal basin has a rounded front and is 81 cm high.

•Toilet is 41cm high.

•Fully tiled floor.


Grounds and Gardens

•We have an enclosed garden (flower border, lawn and patio) available for residents (table and chairs available).

•There is a local park 5 mins walk from the B&B.


Additional Information

•Mobile phone reception is generally good especially with O2.

•We are able to use the front and back doors in the event of evacuation. The front door is the primary evacuation route. Fire alarm is raised by interlinked smoke detectors in all the bedrooms and public areas.  If you require more assistance for evacuating please notify us on arrival and we will ensure you are evacuated safely

•We are a no smoking establishment both in the house and in the grounds.

•We supply a small drinks fridge on the main landing which can be used for medication or drinks, and we can put larger items in our main fridge on request (not available 24hours).


Contact Information
•Address: Red Bank,
Wansfell Road, Ambleside, Cumbria. LA22 0EG.

•Telephone: 015394 34637
•Hours of operation: Closed 23rd to 27th December. Hours flexible to business and the B&B is our home so occupied 24 hours.  Mainline telephone answered 8am-11pm
•Local public transport numbers: Bus 0871 200 22 33, Train 0845 600 1671
•Local accessible taxi numbers:  Abacus Taxis 015394 88285