Credit with flash transfer – is it there?

Applying for a loan usually requires some planning. But it is not uncommon that this schedule simply lacks the time due to urgency. Many life situations require you to get the money you need quickly, and in some cases even every day counts. Online you have the opportunity today to apply for loans. A loan with flash transfer is thereby the king class of the fast processing of an application.

The lightning transfer does not come immediately

The lightning transfer does not come immediately

Even with a lightning transfer, however, you can not expect that the money will be received within one day on your own account. The processing of the personal identification simply does not allow this speed. With the loan with lightning transfer one can still count on the fact that the processing and the final receipt of the loan amount on the account hardly takes longer than 7 working days – still much faster than the classical processing with the house bank.

The credit with flash transfer can be compared to some comparison portals on the Internet not only, but also apply directly. This application is usually followed by an immediate confirmation (or rejection) by e-mail. After completing the post-identification procedure, the loan is then usually fully approved and ready for disbursement.

Credit with lightning transfer can cause “cost”

Credit with lightning transfer can cause "cost"

Of course, with a very fast service and an almost immediate disbursement of the loan, you can not expect that very favorable interest rates will be offered. Usually you can expect in such an offer already that the service in the form of slightly higher interest to the customer is pitched.

Anyone who wants a loan with lightning transfer, however, will hardly have a choice. Nevertheless, a short comparison between the individual offers of the big banks is worthwhile. The goes at the comparison portals on the Internet very quickly and without much effort.

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