Instant payday loan despite private credit – is it there?

An instant payday loan despite Credit Bureau is basically not available in Germany, but only abroad. Above all, the loans are very popular and are also popular with German citizens. You do not have to travel to Switzerland to do so, but you can apply for the instant payday loan, despite Credit Bureau, quite conveniently on the Internet. This is usually possible around the clock.


Make a non-binding loan request now

In order to get an instant payday loan despite Credit Bureau, the applicant must be a worker and also receive such a high income that it is well above the attachment exemption limit. Otherwise, Swiss banks would not be able to access the salary or salary of the borrower in the event of arrears. This would then mean that the instant payday loan despite Credit Bureau must be rejected. In order to avoid any risk as far as possible, most foreign banks will insist that the borrower is no longer in the probationary period and has been employed by the current employer for at least 12 months. Proof must be provided to the lender. It should also show that the employment relationship is unlimited and uninterrupted. In addition, the employer may not be a temporary or temporary work agency.

Application and authorization

Also possible with negative Credit Bureau

Anyone who is interested in an instant payday loan despite Credit Bureau should always make a comparison of the individual providers before deciding on a particular lender. Only then can he get a comprehensive overview of the entire loan offer and then decide in peace. After the online application has been received by the bank or the credit intermediary, it will be reviewed promptly and, as a rule, will be approved immediately. Of course, this does not apply if the necessary conditions for the loan are not met. However, if the loan can be approved, it will be paid out very quickly. He is then at the customer’s free disposal and can be used both to finance a car and other major purchases. As a rule, it will also be possible without any problems to replace one or more old loans with the new loan

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